Saturday, April 29, 2006

He's still Dirt and he don't care!

So, I got my invite in the mail this week: Saturday June 3rd is the World Premiere of the new DVD Beneath the Dirt, Dirt Petty 1985-2005.

It's also Dirt's 40th birthday, and of course the DVD will be on sale for $15 (although I'm hoping I can get a discount...). This year's ultimate A-list red-carpet event will be held at the Taylor Range Country Club at Ashgrove.

Dirt interviewed me about a year ago for the film.

This is Dirt's second video, but unfortunately, my brother-in-law taped over the master of the A $2300 Memory video years ago — the first time we loaned it to him — so I haven't seen it for a while.



Peeboo said...

is dirt back to being hairy?

Jimbo said...

well, on the front of his head, yes, apparently.