Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy 20th of April!

Woke up, got out of bed... didn't realise the camera was set to macro mode for 12 hours...

More 20th of April action over at Paul and Suzanne's and Syme's blogs.

6.00am - What bloody time do you call this?

7.00am - Coffee!

8.00am - I'd better put the rego sticker on my NEW BIKE!

9.00am - At the Logan River

10.00am - Outside for a cigarette

11.00am - On a phone hook-up

12.00pm - Phone hook-up is finally over, back out for a cigarette

1.00pm - Four hours later and it hasn’t been nicked!

2.00pm - The shadow is moving

3.00pm - Welcome to the smokers' ghetto

4.00pm - The shadow is still moving

5.00pm - Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig

6.00pm - Leave me alone, I'm off the clock



Syme said...


'Pril Twentieeeeeeeeee!


If you want to send me the pictures I'll put them on the Flickr set that I did - so we have a record -= so we can say that we werwe there man, on that first magical 'Pril Twenie!

Peeboo said...

That way Cornelius and Zira will know of us. But only if they read the forbidden history.

Jimbo said...

or, you could copy the ones that appear on your screen when you view this? Wouldn't that work?

(I know nothing about flickr, they might have to be resized, because I don't get to see the camera much, so it's set to a fairly large file size.)

Jimbo said...

I mean the full sized ones you get access to when you click on the pictures.

Peeboo said...

Wow, how long did it take you to photoshop all the people out?

Syme said...

On Flickr for the the people of the future.

Syme said...

I'll pop the link on my page - you can copy it.

Jimbo said...

syme - thanks muchly.

peeboo - no time at all really. (There's actually a person in the far distance in the midday shadow picture; I waited for her to move out of sight. And anyway, you've got one shot with people in it - I don't count you or the Simpsons - so you're only about 8% better than me.)