Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recent Tweets 3

Recently, I was...

thinking about the unreliability of memory

thinking US Life on Mars' Sam Tyler's mother's name is Rose?

looking for cheap hotels in Paris' 11eme arr for my trip in November

starting my 4th last day of holidays

@peeboo do you have "Lee Remick" on disc anywhere? It's not on anything you sent me.

working out the setlist that Dirt and I will be playing at Chantal's 40th... in October, probably.

listening to NZ rugby commentators realise they'd better explain what "get in behind" means.

using some of my remaining download allotment listening to awful "songsmith" videos on youtube.

feeling shagged after a couple of hours of whipper-snipping.

@peeboo Yes, starting to lose interest already. Too much work scrolling through all of Stephen Fry's tweets.

I have no idea anymore why that is relevant.

my nana died a few years ago. That's my dad's mother. My Mum's mother, Ronnie, died in 1969 either just before or just after I was born...

Thinking Isaka Cernak is no Tahj Minnicon.

reading about Zombies attacking Austin, Tx.

hanging around the house

staying up past midnight

Wondering what two after 909 would be...

don't know if I'm going up or down with you, M. C. Escher.

understanding that the name of this tune is the "funky drummer".

In my slightly less drunken state; wondering if "Dear God" isn't the best song ever written.

or maybe 7... except this makes 8.

Worrying if 8 tweets in an hour makes me strange.

listening to "Psychodrama City" by the Byrds. Wondering if Symo would have felt better if he'd got up at 3am and slammed down a diet Coke.

welcoming you to the cheap seats.

feeling sad about Kirsty MacColl


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