Friday, November 28, 2008

Hi Y'all

Thanks Paul, I got the CDs. You know that I had all of the Husker Du except the Zen Arcade outtakes, right?

And I've got REM Accelerate. My review: Meh. It's better than recent stuff, but it's pretty much REM by numbers. A lot of the songs sound like faster, rockier versions of old REM songs. There's one that you can sing "Losing My Religion" to, etc. For the record, BobSpeaking thinks much the same.

You know what I'd really like - the non-bonus-disc of "Don't Try This At Home". I listened to about three hours of the Billy Bragg podcast when I drove to Sydney in August, and I couldn't get the crappy "Sexuality" demo out of my head. I had to use YouTube to listen to the Johnny Marr version. Also "Workers' Playtime".

Also, you could send me that Go-Betweens best of. I've got a couple of tracks, but I'd like the whole thing.

Hi Symo. Welcome back to the unreal world.


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Syme said...

Happy to re-open the clubhouse.

Time heals all wounds and all that.