Friday, December 07, 2007

Canonicity 2

Thanks for the link, interesting discussion, but what do you think?

My personal opinion is that deleted scenes sitting on a DVD listed as "Deleted scenes" are not canon, but if at a later stage they are integrated into the actual episode, they become canon.

I'm not sure about the canonicity of scenes that appear in one version but then are deleted in a "director's cut".

And what about stuff like "Blade Runner", where there will be (is?) a third version. What really happened in that movie (no spoilers please).

Did Greedo really shoot first?



Peeboo said...

yea, I'm formulating a view on this. I live with various story lines on a daily basis. Most of these don't become 'deleted' until the last moment. So did they happen in the universe of the characters? Yes they did.

More as soon as I get some time to myself..

BTW, this will be Blade Runner #5.

Jimbo said...

Peeboo, with respect, but I think the "universe of the characters" is irrelevant. If it isn't shown to the viewers, did it happen?

For example, apparently in Series 3 of Galactica, there was supposed to be a storyline about he slaughter of Saggitarons on New Caprica. But it wasn't shown, so it didn't happen.

I'm willing to accept that where something that isn't shown due to time constraints but the rest of the show acts like it did happen (because the actors shooting the scenes didn't know it would be deleted) *may* have happened, but we don't know why something is deleted. It could be time, it could be because they decided to go another way; so we have to err on the side of it not having happened.

5 Blade Runners, really? Mustcheck the wiki.

Peeboo said...

Agreed, if its not shot, it doesn't exist.

Shot and deleted due to time constraints..yes, perhaps..

Shot and deleted because the actor was re-cast, no.

The pilot to Bionic woman is an interesting ne. It was released in the US via Netflix and also torrented up the wazoo. I watched it and though it was pretty good.I waited until it was on locally and watched ep.2. They had recast and reshot one of the major characters, changing a fairly major plot point.

Jimbo said...

I must be really unobservant - I've seen all the Bionic Womenses apart from the last one Channel 7 showed. Who was recast?

Peeboo said...

The original Bionic Womenses has a EMO sister who was deaf.

Deaf? I hear you say. But wait, doesn't Jamie get a bionic ear? Why yes, and perhaps the sister would want one too?

In the air version the deaf EMO siste is gone and replace with a generic computer wizkid sister.

Also the boyfriend who got shot at the end of the episoe survived at the end, only minor wounds. The broadcast version removed al references to 'yes he will live' and made the outcome of the shooting really vague. Ep 2 opened with his funeral.

Do a google search for 'bionic woman pilot differences' and you wil get the lowdown.

BTW, they did the same on the pilot of 'Heroes'. Major retooling.

Peeboo said...
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Peeboo said...

'My personal opinion is that deleted scenes sitting on a DVD listed as "Deleted scenes" are not canon, but if at a later stage they are integrated into the actual episode, they become canon.'


Han shot first.

And Luke went to Toshi station to talk to Biggs and Koo Stark.

I've got a StarWars post a'brewing...

Jimbo said...

The sister thing is mentioned in wiki (which I looked up after you posted.) I thought you meant they changed something between the aired pilot and Ep 2, and I wondered how I could have missed it.

Syme said...

I was bored stupid with the deaf sister before she even opened her mouth.

Cute 16 year old sister (who isn't a wizkid) aok by me. sometimes a person can just be a...person. they don't have to be fully laden with adjectives. and who the fuck would actually identify with an angry Emo deaf chick with abandonment issues?
I would be praying she got shot every episode if she's stayed.

Peeboo said...

I thought there was a court order that said that sister mk.2 couldn't be more than 50 meters or so from a computer..they said something like that in the air Ep.1.

But then again that was ignored in the 2nd episode when she was using a computer.

I thought she would be helping Jamie break into deep thought and learning all the bionic secrets, or something like that..

BTW, I never got past Ep 2.

I'd rather watch 'Time Team'.

Syme said...

Journeyman rocks.

I am so in love with the other time travelling chick...but then again so is everyone with a pulse.