Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Misc 071003

I watched Top Gun last night. How gay is that movie?

Is anyone else suffering through a plague of moths?

Can the Queensland Roar's bad record against New Zealand teams continue? I'll be there Friday night to see if I ever get to see a Roar victory live.

It'll be 32 degrees here tomorrow. It's only October, for god's sake.

Anyone gonna buy the new Radiohead album? (Apparently, yes.)

Happy Sputnik day (for tomorrow).

Sulu gets his own asteroid.



Syme said...

Top Gun is as gay as "Toy Soldiers"......and that's saying something.

Was it so gay when it came out? probably.

Paying for music is silly if it's available on a torrent....or if it's the same fucking album they've already put out.

One day i will be stuck on a dessert island (made of ice cream) and I will have the time to listen to Radiohead and Beck and (insert name here) as much as i should to avoid upsetting anyone (Damien mostly)...but until then...I am overwhelmed with "Meh".

(I will die before I listen to Bjork though.)

No moths - but probably some cylones on the way

Anonymous said...


You are either :

1. not watching enough Tarantino related films, or;

2. Too much Tarantino related films ..

The gay "Top Gun" subtext has already been done ( and passed into mass culture) in "Sleep with me" (1994)