Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doctor Who Series 5 "on hold"

Says the Guardian



Peeboo said...

Its not all that bad...from 'aint it cool'...

Here’s how it works:

* “Who’s” 13-episode fourth season (or 30th, depending upon whether or not one counts the show’s first 26 seasons) – the one starring Catherine Tate – began shooting last month and will hit the BBC in spring 2008. (America’s SciFi Channel is currently transmitting season three-slash-29).

* In 2009 three “specials” overseen by “Queer As Folk” mastermind Russell Davies will arrive at the Beeb.

* Season five (or 31), presumably comprised of 13 episodes, will hit the BBC in 2010.

Jimbo said...

Hi Peeboo,

Yep, that's pretty much what The Guardian says. Tennant has commitments to the Royal Shakespeare Company next year.


Syme said...

it will only be a good thing.

The quality of story needs to be kept up - and DT doesn't want tobe stereotyped.

We've got a great season oftorchwood on the way anyway....