Friday, November 24, 2006

Misc 061124

- You've got 10 friends?

- I hope the CD arrived, I never heard.

- It's only half-time, but what a bunch of crap. Apparently, you can't lift your foot while kicking the ball, because if someone runs into you, you'll get sent off. Also, as a keeper if you're committed to diving at someone's feet and you're late and you try to make yourself into as small a target as possible so as not to interfere unduly with the attacking player, what the hell else are you supposed to do?

- My new bike is just being registered, I should be able to fall off that one very soon. (I bought one of those bright yellow safety vests; let's see the next fucker try to say he can't see me.)

- Oh, get it now, we're allowed to have penalties given against us, but not given to us.

I was at the dawning of the new era last week, Frank Farina's first match as coach. (Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.) There was a girl in front of me who seemed to spend the whole game texting; my god, watch those thumbs move! All these young kiddies will end up crippled, unable to use their hands.

Well, gotta go - it seems like social club/poker night is ending early for Boycat's Mum. I'll have to watch what I'm sure will be a depressing end the the Roar game when I get back from the city.


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Syme said...

Bad Symo.

Got the cd - cheers.

I have a dvd of much beatles and post beatles for you - but I keep forgetting to get your address.

and yes...I do have 10 friends, when you are away for 2 years at a time people forget that they don't really like you very much.