Monday, September 18, 2006

Misc 060918

Pope Nazinger's problem is that whether or not the words were from an ancient text, he still decided to use them in his little speech. (Even if he didn't write it, I'm pretty sure he would have veto power over its contents.)

I'm sick of reading debates about "Australian Values". There is only one Australian value: Australians value being able to do, say and think whatever the hell we like. Thus by definition, nothing is "unAustralian", although I could still probably try to make a case that the word "unAustralian" is, in fact, unAustralian.

And the problem with this "Values debate" is that the media is talking about it and they're not talking about whatever it is the government didn't want talked about. That is, this is just an orchestrated distraction. I'm not sure what from, though - Jack Thomas? Something callous Ruddock said or did? Something stupid Vanstone said or did - because the distraction has worked and the media isn't covering whatever it is that they're not covering.

Queensland beat New Zealand 5 - 0 on Friday night. We were originally going to go to the game, but we both ended up too sick to go. (Boycat's Mum was off sick for 4 days.) That's the first sporting event I've ever watched where I was spewing I wasn't at the game.

Queensland won on Friday night, yet there was not one word about it in the newpaper the next day. I know that the "Home Delivery" edition of the paper is printed first, so that it can get into the trucks and out to the newsagents so it can slam into our garage at 3.30am, but seriously, what time do they put the paper to bed? The game finished at 9.53pm.

Sydney F.C.'s Steve Corrica learns the Gorden Tallis Rule. You just can't call the ref a "fucking cheat".

What do you reckon about old Star Treks with new special effects?

Apparently they're trying to blame Peter Brock's death on an inexperienced navigator. If that's the case, don't you think Brock would have said something when his navigator told him to drive through the tree?

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Peeboo said...

Mr. Sulu would never let you crash into a tree.